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dal lago oldDal Lago Spa – four generations of woodworking

The presence of the Del Lago family in the woodworking sector started in Montecchio Precalcino with grandfather Ettore, a carpenter who in the post-war period also began selling plywood and faesite.
In the late 1940s his son Serafino continued the family tradition, taking over the business and transferring the company headquarters to Thiene, first on Via De Muri and then on Via Del Costo, taking advantage of a new and larger space, expanding sales of wood products.
In 1977, with the untimely death of their father Serafino after thirty years in the business, his sons Ettore and Lorenzo stepped in.
Since then the efforts of the Dal Lago brothers have focused primarily on carefully searching for different types of wood, offering a wide, diversified range of materials.
Their expanding business required more space, so they moved their headquarters to Ca’ Orecchiona in 1985, where the current depository, after several renovations, stands today on 30,000 square meters of surface area.
The selection of materials expanded further, always concentrating exclusively on the finest productions in the world.
This allowed the Dal Lago company to become competitive in the wood sector, also thanks to consolidated experience in the many fields where wood is used.

dal lagoOver recent years the efforts of the brothers have focused on European broadleaf trees, as well as on Siberian and Austrian larchwood trees; the pinewood completes the range of wood types.

Continuous development has required additional space. Since 2014 a new depository for seasoning, drying and woodworking has been in operations on a surface area of 20,000 square meters in an industrial area (in Thiene).
OAK, Austrian/Siberian LARCHWOOD, PINEWOOD (in addition to beech wood, ash wood and linden) currently represent the pride of DAL LAGO Spa, which the company sells throughout all of Europe, as well as overseas.
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Total Extension:

50.000 mq

2 Offices

Stored Material:

15.000 m³