FSC® Certification
(Forest Stewardship Council ®)

The FSC® is an independent and not-for-profit international NGO whose members include environmentalist and social groups, indigenous communities, forest owners, industries that work and market timber and scientists and technicians who work together to improve the management of forests all over the world.
In order to achieve this, FSC has defined a specific voluntary and independent certification system for the forestry sector and for the products that derive from it. There are two complementary types of standard: good forestry management (FM) certification for forest owners and chain of custody (CoC) certification for transformation businesses.
Chain of Custody (CoC) certification guarantees the traceability of materials coming from FSC forests and its possession is a necessary condition for being able to sell a product as certified.
In order for products made with wood from certified forests to be able to bear the FSC label all the subsequent processing stages, during which the product is transformed, and the commercial passages associated with them, must be verified so that the timber material certified by FSC remains traceable as distinct from the uncertified material. In order for this to occur along the entire chain, every single company that works wood is required to guarantee its traceability and comply with the conditions and parameters laid down by the FSC standards. Only when all the “links in the chain” have been CoC certified can the end-product bear the FSC logo, providing end-consumers with a guarantee that they are purchasing wood/timber material produced in a responsible manner.
For further information: www.fsc-italia.it – www.fsc.org

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(Programme for Endorsement Certification Schemes )

As “certification of Forest Management” you mean an acknowledge and tested verifyng procedure that leads to the issue by an indipendent party of a document certifying a sustainable management (SFM), i.e. the quality and quantity indicators that appropriately observed and enviroment and the sustainability of forest management.
The outline of the PEFC certification is based on three essential elements:
The observation of the giudelines and the indicators defined in the ministerial conferences on the protection of forests in Europe (Helsinki 1993 – Lisbon 1998). Those conferences allowed the “Pan-European Process”.
A regional or group application (Individual prties are also admitted).
Check and certification are carried out by an independent and reliable third party (source: PEFC ITALIA)

For further information : www.pefc.it – www.pefc.org.

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