Siberian Larchwood


The Siberian Larchwood is accustomed to living in very difficult climatic conditions (extremely low temperatures for extended periods of the year).
It grows very slowly, but has a long life span (over 3 centuries) so it therefore reaches impressive dimensions (40 meters in height and 1 meter in diameter).
When cut it demonstrates very tight growth rings, given its slow growth, giving its wood high density, mechanical resistance and particular resistance to atmospheric agents.
It is used in building, hydraulic, naval and road construction, foundation piles, doors and windows, floorboards, telecommunications poles, agricultural stakes, heavy carpentry, furniture, home décor, barrels, tubs, and shingles.


  • Lamellas 0A-B Vertical Grain
  • Squares 0-II° / I-IV°
  • Boules 0-I°/ 0-II°
  • Boules II-III°/ III°
  • Fix Width 0-I°/ 0-III°
  • Fix Width I-IV°/ II-IV°/ IV-V°