Our experience, concentrated on a few, highly sold wood types, has allowed us to work with large volumes of product, with quality and a vast range of available sizes. All of this is carried out with the utmost competence, following the various steps of the wood from its origins to the final customer.
Our love and passion for wood means that we appreciate and value it like only we can.


Oak wood has been prized since ancient times for building ships, maritime, hydraulic and road structures, for support structures and various types of heavy formwork … >> read more

Ash wood

Ash wood is especially suitable for carpentry work for final products that require high resistance to mechanical stress: vehicles, ski, sleds, sports equipment …¬†>> read more

Siberian Larchwood

It is used in building, hydraulic, naval and road construction, foundation piles, doors and windows, floorboards, telecommunications poles… >> read more

European Larchwood

It is used for constructive structures, both for building as well as roads, hydraulic and naval structures, various types of poles, heavy carpentry,¬†floorboards, interior … >> read more


Spruce wood has a wide range of uses: various types of construction, ship masts, poles, sawn wood, carpentry, packaging, wood wool… >> read more