Ash Wood


Names in other European countries: French: Frene; English: Ash; German: Esche.
The tree grows to a height of 30-32 meters and a girth diameter of 50-60 cm. The trunk is slender, but not always perfectly straight; the crown is never very wide because it is made up of branches with relatively small diameters. Internal twisting is frequent.
The sapwood has an off-white yellowish color, in contrast to the slightly darker heartwood: at times a central blackish area appears, with an irregular outline (olive ash), presumably caused by fungal infections. The radial surfaces appear to have a pearlescent sheen thanks to numerous, very fine pith rays.
Specific weight of the green wood: on the average 960 kg/m3; after normal seasoning: 720 kg/m3
Ash wood is especially suitable for carpentry work for final products that require high resistance to mechanical stress: vehicles, skis, sleds, bats and other sports equipment or agricultural equipment. Its attractive aesthetic appearance also makes it popular for furniture and home decor: for these last applications it is also used for sheared wood veneers.


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