Names in other European countries: French: Epicéa; English: Spruce; German: Fichte.
The tree reaches 40 meters in height with a girth diameter up to 70-80 cm: the normal height is 25-30 meters with girth diameter of 40-45 cm. The trunk is straight and uniform: the abundance of developed branches depends on the density of the forest stands.
There is no differentiation between the sapwood and heartwood, which both have a generalized yellowish off-white color: the later growth rings have a dark brown color, which stand out. The wood contains resin that in certain circumstances can create actual “pockets” enclosed within the tissues. The presence of compression wood is frequent, caused by persistent or repetitive mechanical stress, causing the trunks to curve or slant.
Specific weight of the green wood: on the average 860 kg/m3; after normal seasoning: 450 kg/m3
Spruce wood has a wide range of uses: various types of construction, ship masts, poles, sawn wood, carpentry, packaging, wood wool, wood chips for panels, cellulose, and paper.


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