Beech Wood Steamed


Names in other European countries: French: Hetre; English: Beech; German: Buche.

The tree can reach a height of 30-32 meters with girth diameter of 1.40 meters. The trees are considered mature when they reach a diameter of 40 cm; the trunks are frequently characterized by significant internal twisting and evident deviations in the grain.
Generally, in normal conditions the wood has a rosy brown color along the entire cross-section, so it can therefore be considered undifferentiated. Nevertheless, occasionally certain trunks may have an irregular outline in the inner part near the pith, in a variegated dark brown color, so-called “false heartwood”. The pith rays are plainly evident, in particular on the radial surfaces where they create glossy reflective sections.
Specific weight of the green wood: 1050 kg/m3; after normal seasoning: 730 kg/m3
Beech wood is a classic material used for carpentry purposes, from the most common tasks to more intensive uses like furniture and home décor. It is normally not used in construction due to its low durability: in the past it was used widely for railroad ties, which however required application of an adequate conservation treatment.


  • Unedged I° – STEAMED
  • Square Edged I° – STEAMED